Computer Guided Surgery

Straumann Digital Solutions and NobelGuide™ are the premium planning and surgical implementation systems, enhancing Dr. Dolman’s ability to deliver predictable outcomes.

At Dolman Oral Surgery, Dr. Dolman utilizes the industry’s most reliable and well studied implant systems and therefore he elects to use either Straumann or Nobel Biocare implants.

Whether using Straumann or NobelGuide™, both are cutting-edge diagnostic tools and systems for guided implant surgery – covering everything from a single missing tooth to an entirely toothless jaw.

The most important reason for Dr. Dolman to use Cat Scan guided surgery is that all important treatment decisions may be considered prior to surgery – resulting in a smooth, accelerated surgical procedure with less patient discomfort.

In addition, availability of the Cat Scan right in our office obviates the need for Dr. Dolman to refer you to outside facilities, ensuring that your time is most efficiently spent.

The system’s diagnostic, planning and treatment implementation capability gives Dr. Dolman full control over treatment parameters. As a result, he can choose the optimal implant position as well as address all desired functional and aesthetic requirements at the very outset.