Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is defined as the study and diagnosis of diseases of the mouth.

At Dolman Oral Surgery, Dr. Robert Dolman combines his training and background in dentistry, medicine and surgery to evaluate the oral cavity along with the head and neck area. Patients may visit the office with a varied list of complaints and/or diseases. Problems may include but are not limited to cysts or tumors of the jaw bones and soft tissue lesions of the oral mucosa, gingiva, lips, cheeks and tongue.

Onsite Patient Evaluation

Dr. Dolman carefully listens to every patient’s complaints and gathers a detailed dental and medical history. As required, Dr. Dolman will combine his detailed examination with radiographs inclusive of I-Cat 3D imaging which is available onsite at Dolman Oral Surgery.

This state-of-the-art equipment allows Dr. Dolman to evaluate his patients in a comprehensive, in-depth manner. Dr. Dolman will engage your Internist, GP or supporting specialists as required in order to optimize the desired outcome.

Routine Examinations and Cancer Screening

In the absence of complaints, patients can also be seen in the office for a routine examination and cancer screening.

At Dolman Oral Surgery, Dr. Dolman will utilize Velescope Illuminator to help identify suspicious lesions along with OraRisk® HPV – Salivary DNA Test that determines who is at increased risk for HPV-related oral cancers. As required, Dr. Dolman is able to determine the need for biopsy, and if indicated, Dr. Dolman has the expertise to provide this service, on site, in a fully comfortable and painless fashion.

Results will be processed with minimal delay and Dr. Dolman will pre-arrange a follow-up visit to review results together with you, and detail the appropriate treatment plan going forward.